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Feast of St. Luke the Evangelist

The ancient tradition of the Church holds that St. Luke was a doctor from Syria.  He traveled with St. Paul and was with him in Rome when St. Paul died.  He then traveled to Greece where he wrote the Gospel that bears his name and the Actos of the Apostles.  Whatever else he was and did, it is for these two books of the New Testament that he is best remembered.  And that has profound implications for stewardship.  This Gentile convert, inspired by the Holy Spirit, was clearly a gifted writer and teacher.  His books are not a simple recounting of events, but a kind of preaching, a way of telling the good news of Jesus Christ and story of the early Church that reaches across time and invites his readers into relationship with Jesus.  This good steward put his gifts at God’s disposal, allowed himself to be led by God’s Spirit, and so is still serving the Lord as an evangelist—still preaching and teaching—20 centuries later!  The Lord will multiply our gits, too, if we will use them in his service.

-taken from “Steward Saints For Every Day” by Sharon Hueckel

Although we are not all called to be evangelists in the same sense St. Luke was, we are all called, by virtue of our baptism, into the prophetic ministry of Jesus.  We are all called to tell the Good News of
Jesus Christ.

Recently, I read the book, “What Do I Own and What Owns Me?” by Daniel Conway.  This short book is a great introduction to Stewardship.  In my copy, there was also a DVD with four short segments from a talk given by Archbishop Murphy, who was part of the Bishop’s committee that developed “A Steward’s Response”, the pastoral letter on stewardship.  These short clips (5-8 minutes long) are also available on You Tube. 

As I watched them and read this book, I thought they both could be used by Stewardship committees as “continuing education”  as tools to help equip us to tell the good news of stewardship. Would you consider taking the first 10 minutes of your next several meetings to view and discuss these clips?  The book, too, could be used in this way.  The chapters are very short and have discussion questions at the end.  I think you will find them both encouraging and enlightening!

Since I recently celebrated my birthday, I really appreciated this 3rd segment in the series and laughed out loud at the “Irish Optimism”:


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