“Time is our treasure, the “money” with which to buy eternity.”

“We do not bring God into time; He is the Creator of time. In the mystery of the Incarnation, the Eternal Word through whom the universe was created entered into time to re-create it from within!”

In a few weeks, we celebrate Christmas, the great feast of the Incarnation.  One of the ways the Church sanctifies time is through the liturgical calendar.  Entering into the rhythm of the church calendar, marking the seasons, celebrations and saints contained in it, can help us live a Lively Faith.  It also reminds us of the Catholic notion of receiving time as a gift from God.  The Catholic steward sees time, like all other things, as something given to us by God to be used for His glory.  “The Catholic Church proclaims that time is a precious commodity. In the insightful and allegorical words of St Jose Maria Escriva, the “Time is our treasure, the “money” with which to buy eternity.” (Furrow #882)

“Time truly matters. What we do with it truly matters. That is as true of the history of the world as it is our own personal histories. As that wonderful Saint reminded us, “A true Christian is always ready to appear before God. Because, if he is fighting to live as a man of Christ, he is ready at every moment to fulfill his duty.” (Furrow, 875)

One of the searching questions we should ask ourselves, in a blunt examination of conscience, is what are we doing with time? Do we choose to mark our passage of time by the great events of the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ? . . .

When we really enter into the Liturgical seasons of our Church, when they become granular and real, they offer a way to receive time as a continual gift and change the way we actually live our daily lives. Our choice to celebrate them helps us to grow in the life of grace as we say “yes” to their invitations. They invite us to walk in a new way of life which becomes infused with supernatural meaning; to enter into the mystery of living in the Church as the New World and thereby become leaven for an age which has lost its soul.

Human beings have always marked time by significant events. The real question is not whether we will mark time, but how we will mark time? What events and what messages are we proclaiming in our calendaring?”

The Liturgical calendar can be a useful tool for the Christian Steward; a way to order time according to God’s will and to acknowledge time as a gift given to us by Him.”

(Lengthy quote taken from, Deacon Keith A Fournier, Catholic Online (https://www.catholic.org) 11/23/2014)

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