Hospitality by the Numbers

Fr. Mark is on pilgrimage with Bishop Gruss this week at Fatima and Lourdes.  Please keep them in your prayers, that they travel safely and experience many graces.  In his absence, he has asked me to share some results from the Hospitality survey we conducted in December and January.  Below are some highlights:

In addition, 72% of respondents reported that their parish has a Stewardship committee and over half were aware of a parish mission statement about stewardship.  For me, the most encouraging thing to see is that 81% of our respondents see and increased level of welcome and hospitality in our parishes! Keep up the good work!

Are Surveys Worth the Effort?

I was struck by this news blurb in the parish bulletin last weekend.

“ICC News: 6 PM every Saturday

What is this about you ask?

In response to our hospitality survey you took in June 2014, and after reviewing some of the comments, the ICC parish council decided to change Saturday night mass time to 6 PM year round. You will no longer need to remember when the Mass time changes in the spring and in the fall. The Saturday Mass time will always be 6 PM.”

One aspect of our diocesan stewardship initiative is to encourage parishes to do surveys as a way to discover what is going on in the life of the parish community, to evoke discussions, to base parish decisions and priorities on objective information and to compare and contrast the results. 

So far the diocese has conducted two surveys on hospitality.  For more information on the two surveys please see the diocesan stewardship webpage.

Even though surveying takes time and energy. In the end, surveying can be a great tool to help your parish communities to grow into vibrant communities of faith.

In speaking with Fr. Andrzej Wyrostek he was surprised and encouraged how their hospitality survey allowed the parishioners to give their input, which in the end helped the pastoral council to make a judgment about what time Mass should be on Saturday evenings at Immaculate Conception parish in Winner. T

Fr. Mark’s Musings 3/4/15