The Office of Stewardship for the Diocese of Rapid City

What is Stewardship?

Resources for Cultivating a Catholic Way of Life

Multimedia Modules For Individuals

What is Stewardship

What is the the key to understanding the word “stewardship” when it is used by the Christian Church?

How stewards Live Differently

What are some of the key attitudes and beliefs of the Christian Steward?  One of them is gratitude!

After Gratitude, What's Next?

Stewards live differently in how they choose to spend both their time and their money — two scarce resources that can shed much light on what is most important to us.

Fruits of Stewardship

The fruits of stewardship include joy, generosity and peace.  Who wouldn’t want that?

Generous Hospitality

In the Diocese of Rapid City we are committed to practicing Generous Hospitality through Welcome, Invitation and Fellowship.  Here are some great stories of people who do just that!

Lively Faith

Living a Lively Faith includes Prayer, Study and Formation. This module contains testimonies and tips for all three.

Dedicated Discipleship

We say that Dedicated Disciples practice love of God and love of neighbor with an intentional heart.  But what does this look like in the day-to-day life?  Here are some ideas.

Ideas for Growing Closer to Jesus

A list of the most inspiring, life-changing, world-rocking Christian books/talks/movies people say they have ever read or saw.

Live Event Replays

Becoming a Stewardship Parish

Witness Testimonies


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