Several weeks ago, I stopped by the Cathedral office for a moment to see if Fr. Steve was in. The next thing I knew I was surrounded by three of the Cathedral staff who were so excited to share with me the new app for smartphones for their parish. They had me download the app right
there on the spot. I think it took me less than a minute or so to download the app for their parish and it’s pretty cool. There is lot of good information regarding the life of the Cathedral parish now available at our fingertips.

Technology is simply amazing. It can be a great tool to stay connected with the parish community as well as a tool for evangelization. More and more parishes around the country are embracing technology such as apps for smart phones as way to stay connected with their parishioners
Give the Cathedral app a try. It’s free! It is available for Apple and Android products. Just go to the App Store or Google Play Store and search for: Cathedral OLPH Rapid City.

The Cathedral app helps parishioners to stay connected with all Cathedral events, announcements, alerts, and much more! You can join a parish group which allows one to stay connected with a ministry such as Liturgy, Music, Formation, GOF, First Communion, Health Care, and Confirmation. The Cathedral app also connects one with links to the Daily Readings, Family Living, prayers, and even a daily reflection by Pope Francis. I encourage you to download the Cathedral app on your smart phone today and give it a test drive, perhaps it will inspire an app for your own parish.

Fr. Mark’s Musings

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