Ordinary Time is Not “Ordinary”

Almost all of the Christmas decorations have been put away.  At the Cathedral, we are still enjoying a few poinsettias and in my own home, I haven’t yet put away the Nativity scene, but we are now a full week and a half into ordinary time.  When we move from Christmas or Easter back into Ordinary Time, the return of green vestments and green adornments on the altar always calls to mind the song my youngest son learned at Catechesis of the Good Shepherd about the liturgical calendar.  In it, the kids sang, “green is for the growing time.”  For years, this has helped to remind me that Ordinary Time is not ordinary in the sense of hum-drum or unimportant.  In fact, just the opposite, Ordinary Time is given to us by the Church as a time for spiritual growth.

This thought was confirmed for me by a beautiful homily from Fr. Mark Horn.  He had a different, but similar insight.  He shared, “Ordinary time as in ordinal; to bring order.”  The word “ordinary” has its origin in the Latin word for order.  So Ordinary Time is given to us to assist us in bringing order to our lives.  Ultimately, it is given to assist us in ordering all aspects of our lives toward God.

As Fr. Horn shared this, I couldn’t help but think that is is exactly what Stewardship is about as well.  Under the pillar, Lively Faith: Formation, the Characteristics state:  Formation should “inspire and teach us how to integrate faith into all areas of life.”  Stewards strive to see themselves as caretakers, stewards, of all that God has given them and to order their time, their work, their leisure, their wealth, their gifts and talents, all things toward God and His will and His plan.

This week, take a few moments to think about what area or areas of your life seem disordered, chaotic, frantic or out of balance.  Visit with God about it.  Ask Him for help.  Offer to allow God kingship over this area of life. Give Him permission to order it as He sees is best.  And then have courage; be not afraid; because God desires only what is best for you.  He is infinitely wise and all-loving.  He knows what He is about.

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