We have just finished up a wonderful 10 days of training with this year’s Duc in Altum Teams.  These 13 young people come from four different universities and three states.  But they came together over the course of the ten days to form a cohesive, positive and supportive group.

Over the course of the summer, we will have three teams in twenty parishes across the Diocese.  Each team brings with them enthusiasm, joy and a desire to bring Christ’s message of salvation to the youth and families they will serve.  They also have a few silly songs, games and skits packed away in their hip pockets as well.  In the Office of Vocations, we are so grateful for their generous service, their love of the Lord and their desire to give their best to this endeavor.  We truly are sending you a great treasure in these young people.

A word of thanks as well to all of the catechists who have helped us this past week – Susan Safford, Amy Julian, Marlon Leneaugh, Craig Dyke, Fr. Tyler Dennis, Fr. Jonathan Dillon, Fr. Adam Hofer, Denise McCormick, Mary Helen Olson, Elizabeth Hofer, Angie King, Robert Kinyon, Andrew Sullivan, Jenny Scherr, and Fr. Tim Hoag.  You all brought so much wisdom with you. Thanks to all of you, these young people leave here well prepared for the work they will do.

Lastly, we are grateful as always to the staff here at Terra Sancta for their generous hospitality!  The food was great and the patient and kind service in the midst of so many details is always such a blessing.

We look forward to hearing from you, please share your experiences with the Duc in Altum team in your parish this summer!

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