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 Back in January I wrote this to our email subscribers:

 “One of the projects we have been working on in the Office of Stewardship is exploring ways to make the information in past weekly emails more accessible and useful for you.  We are going to move Fr. Mark’s Musings from 2015-2018 and the weekly emails I have been writing since July to a blog site which will enable you to search past posts by keywords and tags.  It is my hope that this will be helpful to you. “

 Today I wrote:

Our office has been working on several projects over the past several months.  I shared with you several months ago that I had a desire to convert all of Fr. Mark’s Musings as well as these weekly emails I have been sending since July into a blog.  The Lord took that desire of mine and replied,“Why think so small? Let’s revamp Stewardship’s whole presence on the web!”  So we took a deep breath and dived into the project.

 We are still just at the beginning stages, but the first part of this project, the new blog page, is up and running!  All of the historical “blogs” are up and are fully searchable.  We have categorized them under our pillars:

 We have also tagged them with words we think you would find useful when you are searching for insight and inspiration.  For instance, when Christmas approaches and you would like some great ideas on how to welcome the many guests who will be at your church for the Christmas Masses, just search for “Christmas hospitality” and all that we have written over the years comes up for you.

 Click here to check it out. Also, while you are there, would you take a few minutes to leave a comment?

I am looking forward to providing a spot where we can share information with one another there.  I often receive emails from readers of this weekly email.  They share encouragement, their own stories and experiences, and great tips.  I am sad the rest of you don’t see and share in all the good news I receive!  I am hopeful that the blog will provide a spot for you to share these comments with everyone.  Each week this email will go up on the blog as a post, so please share your good news!

Back in January, I also shared this old post of Fr. Mark’s. It made me laugh and I thought you would enjoy it as well.  After all, “good stewards are always the joyful bearers of the Good News of Salvation.”  I hope you enjoy it!

 From Fr. Mark’s Musings:

On Saturday, I was driving to Martin to cover for the weekend Masses in Martin and Kadoka. About 30 miles from Kadoka a bull snake started to slither up the windshield. Thank goodness it was on the outside.  Nevertheless, my heart started racing and I began to think irrationally about the snake crawling inside the car. What I should have done was to take a couple deep breaths, breathing in the Holy Spirit, pulled over and let the snake crawl off my vehicle and into the ditch—the logical and prudent thing to do. However, my fear got the best of me and I decided to hit the windshield wipers catapulting the snake over the top of the car.

Looking back at this encounter in light of the Bishop’s Pastoral letter, Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response, I was reminded of God’s creation and how I am called as a Christian Steward to care for and cultivate the world with the joyful appreciation for the God-given beauty and wonder of nature—yes this includes even snakes.



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