‘God will not give you more than you can handle.’


“Many people in an attempt to be kind will say to someone suffering, ‘God will not give you more than you can handle.’  This is a nice thought, it might seem comforting . . . but it is, unfortunately, not true.”
Fr. Tyler Dennis
Fr. Zane Pekron’s Mass of Thanksgiving

The great error in this line of thinking, Fr. Tyler noted, is that it presumes that we are supposed to “handle” all of the challenges and sufferings of life on our own, with our own set of skills and talents and by virtue of our own willpower.  Not only are we not capable of doing this, the Lord is not asking us to do so.  Rather, He invites us to receive His love and His grace and allow Him to work in and through us.  He desires to help us carry our crosses.

This openness to receiving from the Lord is at the center of stewardship.  As the Bishop’s document on stewardship states, “Stewards receive God’s gifts gratefully . . .”  As the experience of the Diocese of Wichita confirms, fostering stewardship also fosters vocations. (see “The Fruits of Stewardship – WOW!”) By cultivating and encouraging an openness to receive from the Lord generally, we assist young people in developing the capacity to receive the gift of a priestly vocation, specifically.

Stewardship can also help all of us, as Fr. Tyler also noted, to listen to our Lady at the Wedding Feast of Cana who instructed the servants (and us) to “do whatever He tells you.”  We can only do what He tells us to do if we are first listening to Him with a willingness to receive His words and His instruction.  This openness to receive, which is such an important part of stewardship is also foundational to discipleship.

The Office of Stewardship would like to extend our congratulations to Fr. Zane on his ordination to the priesthood.  It is with deep gratitude that we celebrate the gift of his vocation and his willingness to accept the invitation of the Lord to lay down his life for God’s people in Western South Dakota.  Know of our continued prayers and support for him as he “takes on more than he can handle on his own.”  We are deeply grateful as well for Fr. Tyler’s wisdom and in fact, for all of our priests.  For the many ways you tirelessly strive to lead us to Christ, Thank you!



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