Experiencing the Story

“Not having any righteousness of my own… but that which comes through faith in Christ… depending on faith to know
him and the power of His resurrection.”

Phil 3: 9-10

I have been thinking this week about the biblical understanding of “knowing”. The quote above comes from the 2nd reading of the 5th Sunday of Lent and a commentator on the reading reminded me that in the Scripture the word “know” typically does not mean simply knowledge of a person or idea. Rather it implies an intimacy, a deep knowledge; a very close relationship with. In today’s terms we might say it doesn’t mean to know about, but to know.

For the past week I have had the privilege of caring for my 3-year old grandson. His parents came from Minnesota a week and a half ago to see my youngest son perform in St. Thomas More’s Spring Musical and to celebrate with him his last production (he graduates in May!). They went home the following Monday and we offered to keep Tomás for a few days until my husband traveled to Minnesota on Thursday. The unexpected snowstorm has delayed that trip and we have found ourselves with almost an extra week with a lively little 3-year old. I am a mother of five so I spent a lot of years with toddlers in my house and so it is fair to say that I know what it is like to care for them. But this week, I have realized that remembering the joys and challenges is not the same as living through them and I think it is fair to say my memory could be likened to knowing about and my past week could be described as biblical knowing! In reality, how soon we forget.

The same could be said for the remembering we do each year as we enter into the holiest time in the Liturgical Calendar, the Triduum. The desire of Jesus is that we would truly enter into the experience of His passion, death and resurrection in these next three days. All of us know the story. But do we know it? Do we take the time and make the effort to truly enter into the drama and experience it alongside our Lord and Savior rather than just passively sitting by and half listening to a story about a guy we only know about? I feel challenged to enter into the story more deeply; to allow it to soak deeply into my heart; to be more receptive to the transforming grace of our redemption made truly and really present every time the Mass is celebrated.

I wish you all a holy Triduum and Easter! The Alleluias are just around the corner!

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