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Fall in love. Stay in love. It decides everything.
with Chris and Linda Padgett

“Freedom exists for the sake of love.”


Summit 2020:  Fall in love. Stay in love. It decides everything.

The Diocese of Rapid City’s Annual Summit, sponsored by the Office of Stewardship will be held, Saturday, September 26, 2020 at Terra Sancta Retreat Center.  Our desire for the Summit is to provide inspiration and renewal to all Christians living in Western South Dakota.

Our speakers in 2020 will be Chris and Linda Padgett of Catholic Family & Marriage, Inc. who will inspire us all to love more authentically and fully no matter what state of life we are in.

As always, we promise to offer you time to relax, to enjoy fellowship, to pray and to experience the outstanding hospitality of Terra Sancta’s staff.  We look forward to sharing the day with you! 

Featuring Speakers Chris and Linda Padgett

Schedule and FAQs

Who can come to the Summit?

The Summit is for the whole family!

  • Infants are welcome in the adult sessions. We will provide convenient spots for you to tend to their needs.
  • Children ages 1-3 will be cared for on-site by compassionate, trained adults.
  • The Summit Elementary Youth Track (Prek – 5th grade) is developed each year by trained catechists.  The program will help children grow in their relationship with Jesus, the Good Shepherd, as well as initiate children into the life of the church. We look forward to your children joining us this year!
  • Our Middle School youth will be treated to a day of fellowship, games and learning. Trained catechists will borrow the themes from the adult talks and make them age-appropriate.
  • High School students are invited to attend the Adult session.

What is the Summit? What can I expect?

A day to energize, refresh and renew your soul! We promise to offer you a relaxing and joyful atmosphere, good food, good conversation, and inspiring speakers. We have built into the day plenty of time for both quiet and conversation.

Come, relax, and let us take care of the details for a day!

Details about the Youth Track

Ages 1-3:  Little ones will be cared for by a team of adults and teens who have completed Safe Environment Training.  We will provide a variety of activities (inside and outside) for them as well as snacks, lunch and a quiet time for resting after lunch.  We will always provide at least two adults, as well as additional caregivers up to the number needed to maintain a 1 caregiver for every 5 children.

PreK (age 4) – 5th grade:  The Summit Elementary Youth Track is centered on lessons and activities that will help children grow in their relationship, with Jesus the Good Shepherd, as well as initiate children into the life of the church. All catechists have completed Safe Environment Training and we strive to have at least two adults for every ten children in this age group. 

Middle School (grades 6-8):  The Middle School track takes its inspiration from the adult sessions and will cover the same subjects the speakers sharing with adults but geared especially for them.  Trained Youth Ministers have planned the day to include fun activities, games, small group discussions, and prayer which all reinforce the talks given and give students an opportunity to get to know one another and deepen their relationship with Jesus.

NOTE:  Children under the age of 1, are welcome to attend the adult sessions with their parents.  We will provide areas just outside the Chapel for parents who need to take care of the needs of their infants which will allow them to continue to hear the talks.  High School students are also invited to the adult session to enjoy the talks given by our guest speakers.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE FOR THE YOUTH TRACK IS SEPTEMBER 15th.  In order to ensure that we have enough catechists and caregivers to offer all of our youth a pleasant and safe experience, we cannot accept registrations after September 15th.

Please contact the Office of Stewardship if you would like a more detailed explanation of the day and/or the schedule.

I want to help with the Summit

Thank you! We have many opportunities for Disciples to help make the Summit a fruitful experience.

For more information on event day opportunities, contact the Office of Stewardship at (605) 343-3541 or join us for “Ambassador’s for Christ” – a half day workshop offered in the summer of 2020.

Ambassador’s for Christ will equip and inspire you to gently invite others to grow in their faith.  It will provide you with everything you need to know about next year’s Summit so that you can share this information with other parishioners and will also offer a more in-depth look at the topic of the Summit.

Consider being a part of the team that helped make the past two Summits, the largest two events ever hosted at Terra Sancta.  

What can you do to promote world peace?
Go home and love your family.

St. Theresa of Calcutta

We’re here to help

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