A Unique Stewardship for a Unique Place

 For many years, stewardship in the Catholic Church was often distilled into three words: time, talent and treasure. It was a catchy alliteration and it had value. It very concisely categorized the many good gifts given to us by God. It allowed us to look at three distinct areas of our lives and ask, “When I look at how I spend my money, my time and what I do with my talent, what does it say about what I believe? What does it say about what I value most?”

But these three words don’t give us too much help when we are striving to be parishes that are vibrant, growing and inspirational and are truly places where people come to know Jesus in a deeply personal way and are formed into mature disciples of Jesus Christ. I believe Bishop Gruss’ deepest desire is for the people of South Dakota to encounter the Lord and this is at the heart of why he has given us a vision of Stewardship that is uniquely our own.

In the Diocese of Rapid City, stewardship is defined as Living a Catholic Way of Life through Generous Hospitality, Lively Faith and Dedicated Discipleship.

We live Generous Hospitality through:

  • Welcome: welcoming both visitors and parishioners as if they were Christ
  • Invitation: developing a spirituality of invitation where one begins to practice regularly and consistently inviting others into closer union with Jesus and to journey with you in life and in faith.
  • Fellowship: valuing time spent with Jesus and others above other interests and providing space and opportunity for people to develop friendships and foster a sense of belonging.

We live Lively Faith through:

  • Prayer: being communities of prayer and being people of prayer. Prayer is our first and most important priority both as individuals, as families and as parishes.
  • Study: Being life-long learners. We commit to participating in ongoing study of scripture, the teachings of the church and the lives of the saints.
  • Formation: Being people of virtue. We strive for excellence in all areas of life. We commit to helping each other grow in holiness and in wholeness through human, spiritual, pastoral and intellectual formation.

We live Dedicated Discipleship through:

  • Intentional Love of God: Loving God above all things, to serve Him unreservedly and to desire to do His will in all things.
  • Intentional Love of Neighbor: Loving others as we love ourselves. To lay down our lives for others in imitation of Jesus. To see Christ in others and to love them as He loves.

In all times and in all places Jesus is inviting us into His life and love. He is inviting us to be holy. He is inviting us to participate in His mission to bring salvation to all humankind. In this time and in this place, he is inviting us to do so through these lenses.


Living this Catholic Way of Life

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